Powerful Easter Preaching

April 9, 2009

Peter Grainger’s conclusion to Mark’s gospel back in 2004 (here at the CBC) was unquestionably the most memorable Easter preaching I’ve heard in person. For several weeks running where there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Here are the five sermons which I’m planning to re-listen to:

“The most important decision ever taken” –  Mark 14:32-52

“Alone” –  Mark 14:53-72

“Sentenced to death” –  Mark 15:1-20

“Forsaken” –  Mark 15:21-40

“Buried and raised!” –  Mark 15:4216:20



  1. […] Peter Grainger on Mark at Unashamed Workman >>> […]

  2. Colin, thanks for sharing these messages. I have been listening to them this week, and they are excellent. Just a quick clarification/question. Judging from the dates on the names of the files and the current event illustrations Peter uses, I am assuming these were preached in the weeks leading up to Christmas in 2004 rather than at Easter? Either way, they make for great Easter preaching.

  3. Yes Ray, they were Easter sermons preached at Christmas! It was just the way the series worked out. Actually, it turned out to be an intriguing combination!

  4. I thought it was interesting how Peter compared the angel announcing Jesus’ resurrection to the women to the angel announcing Jesus’ birth to the shepherds (both undervalued citizens at the time). One of those neat Christmas/Easter links that might not have popped up otherwise.

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