Paul Rees and Charlotte Chapel

April 1, 2009

Charlotte Baptist Chapel have called a new Senior Pastor, Paul Rees. Very exciting. Below is Paul’s letter to his congregation in Spokane, Washington, found at his blog gospelgrowth.


Dear Gospel-Partners at Christ The Redeemer Church,

I am writing to you today to let you know that I have accepted the invitation to become senior pastor of Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh, Scotland (www.charlottechapel.org).

As you will imagine this decision has been reached after much prayer and discussion with many people including the elders at Christ The Redeemer. When I planned my sabbatical to the UK, I had no idea that the elders at Charlotte Chapel had been talking and praying about who would be their next senior pastor. Only after preaching there at the start of January I discovered that since last summer they had created a short-list of five men that they hoped over the coming years to have invited to come and preach in order to assess whether to pursue them. Both they and we are stunned at the speed of the process that led them to a congregational vote last week, which resulted in their invitation (prior to the current pastor there had been a 5 year gap). On return to Spokane I shared with the elders about this possibility and last week the elders graciously agreed that they could release me from my responsibility here to take up the pastorate in Edinburgh.

The Lord has been so gracious to this congregation over its history and has always provided people, funds, buildings and pastors to continue as a gospel-centered, Christ proclaiming congregation here in Spokane. That the elders feel able to release me to this new role speaks of the health, strength, unity, giftedness and remaining pastoral leadership of this congregation. What amazing answers to prayer we have seen over the past seven years! It truly has been more than we ever dreamed and imagined.

The thought of leaving is truly painful, as this congregation has become very dear to our whole family. There is nothing here that causes us to want to leave, indeed we count it a great privilege to have served alongside you. We have received more than we have ever given and have been treated with such kindness, faithfulness and generosity. So please accept our profound thanks for the part that you have played in this support. With Carey, Brian and Robin, this church has an incredible staff team in whom I have unreserved confidence.

I also have great confidence in the wisdom of the eldership. They labor hard in ways that few get to see and I gladly honor such men. My confidence for this congregation is, of course, ultimately in God that ‘he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.’(Phil 1v6)

We plan to return to the UK on July 13th, in time for my brothers wedding and so we hope that in the coming 3 months we can thank you personally. I intend to make a public announcement at the end of the 11am meeting this coming Sunday, March 29th.

The reason for this more impersonal letter is to give people time to adjust to this before we gather for corporate worship this coming Sunday. The elders understand that this announcement means that there will be a transition period and there will be more prayer and discussion amongst the elders before more details are proposed to the congregation.

Paul L. Rees



  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Paul at T4G. He’s a great guy – delighted he’s back in the UK!

  2. Dear Friends in Christ,

    Greetings to you in the precious and merciful name of our Saviour Lord Jesus

    I humbly request you to allow to introducing my self as. Rev. K L P Moses
    and Sr. Pastor and praising my God for choosing me and my Co-Workers for
    proclaiming the love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our parts of India.” Woe
    is unto me, if I preach not the Gospel” 1.Cor.9: 16.

    “LIGHT AND LIFE MINISTRIES” is an Independent faith Ministry, Please pray earnestly for us and our Ministries OUTREACH, CHURCH PLANTING, And we are prayerfully reaching the un-reached People groups in our parts of India and we rejoice with you in the Lord and happy to share with you that many perishing souls having coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through our Ministries. And we Praise GOD, for enabling us for establishing small Churches in different Villages, Towns, Slums and Tribal areas. And We do both Church Ministries and Field Ministries.viz.. OUTREACH, CHURCH PLANTING, SUNDAY SCHOOLS,YOUTH MINISTRY, WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIP (S) We Organize OPEN AIR GOSPEL REVIVAL MEETINGS /CRUSADES, PASTORS CONFERENCES AND SEMINARS for CHRISTIAN WOMEN AND YOUTH. We Praise Jesus for OUR CO-WORKERS PASTORS Teams/ NATIVE MISSIONARIES those who are diligently and faithfully working in our Churches and Outreach for His glory and extension of His Kingdom.

    India is a Hindu nation, having a Population of 1000 Million spread in 600,000 villages. There are 16 major languages and 1200 dialects. It is a country with diverse cultures, living habits and fluctuating climatic conditions. After every 150 to 200 miles either the language or dialect changes. The Christian population including Roman Catholic is about 3%. Out of 600,000 villages we find no Church in 540,000 villages. We praise God that the doors are still open for the Gospel in India. Our Ministry is actively involved in reaching the un-reached people groups, in different places with the Gospel through Outreach activities in our region. About our State of Andhra Pradesh is the fifth largest State in India, covering an area of 275,000 Sq. KMs and with population a little over 70.Million who live in 31,500 villages. In India 430. Million out of 1000 million of our population yet to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And 80% of 600,000 villages do not have Christian witness.

    Please join us and continue to pray for the Lord’s Ministry in India, It is a matter to regret that India, still remains as one of the least Evangelized nations of the World and people worship idols, nature animal, snake cows and trees) People without Gospel and millions of people yet; to hear the Good News of Jesus (as people worship idols, nature animal, snake cows and trees) for this we need your prayers and cooperation to go forward in our Lord’s Great Commission to Reach and Win many lost souls for the extension of His Kingdom. We ask you to join Hands with us to pray fervently for great Revival and a rain of the Holy Spirit to fall upon this Hindu nation so that we may reap the Harvest. “BEHOLD, I say to you lift up your eyes and look at the fields for they are already white
    for the Harvest.”John4: 35. And we hope that the spirit of God will guide you that how you can be a partner in our independent faith Ministry in India.

    By His Grace, We are running a Children Home, there are 40Children, and our Ministry; feeding, clothing, giving shelter and educating these Orphans, poor and needy deserving Children. In fact we have sponsors only for 18 Children. And this 22.Children do not have Sponsors, although, they having been enjoying the all the facility equally as the Sponsored Children are enjoying, this for your kind information and prayers that due to lack of either Sponsorship or any financial support or donations to these 22.Un-Sponsored Children, we are facing many troubles in paying monthly Bills to Suppliers of the Children’s Home. Waiting on the Lord as Children and we together are praying to God in tears to raise Sponsors for these22.Chidren. Will you please pray with us? As we need 22. Sponsors. If God touches any kind heart to be apart of our Children’s Home and the Ministries. Welcome you.

    Dear Saints of God, information to any prospective Sponsors, To Sponsor a Child is GB Pounds 25/-per Month, and with your sponsorship of GBPounds25/, you have to make a big difference in an Orphan, Helpless/helpless and Hunger Child with the good food to eat, a place to live, clothes to wear and medical education. And that he/she will continue to have a Christian education with genuine opportunities to grow, and above all, Day to day he/she hears the Good News of Jesus’ Love and Salvation. “Pure religion and undefiled, before God and the Fathers is this, to visit the Fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world” James.1: 27. Please pray and if the Spirit of the Lord moves you to Sponsor an Orphan, Needy, destitute and Homeless Child, Please sponsor one Child or more Children and Be a part and be Blessed.

    We welcome you to visit us, spend some time with Children in the Children
    Home and Preach and Win for Christ in Churches, Outreach, Pastors, Conference
    and Gospel Revival Crusades etc, Therefore go and make disciples of all
    nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the
    Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And
    surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. –Matthew 28:19.

    Please pray for us as we totally depend on the Lord for all the areas of our needs
    Our Ministries our Co- Workers, our Outreach Work and our Children’s Home and the Proposed Bible College in the Ministries .And the Ministry desires to have an active member to pray and supporting friends. Please pray, if the Spirit of God touches you, be a part of our Ministries for the Glory and extension of the Kingdom of God.

    We pray that the blessing our Father God from Zion be with you, your family your Children and their Children (If applicable) and your Ministry and the Church in all aspects. Amen.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    With much Love and Prayers,
    Together we are reaching our generation for Jesus!
    (Rev. Dr. K L P Moses)

    Our mailing Address:
    (Rev.K L P Moses)
    “Happy Valley”
    Christian pet /P.O Box 23.
    NARSAPUR- 534275. A.P. INDIA.
    Telephone. No. +91 8814 278013.


    Nos. 201 to 204 Pastors Conference photos.( in No.201, You also see

    Rev.KLP Moses standing middle of the Conference Participants that is

    Photos Nos. 205 to 207.Crusades.

    Photos Nos.208 to213.Baptismal Service.

    Photos Nos.214 to 216. Choir and Orchestra

    of the Crusades and Meetings.

    Photos Nos.217 to 220. Are also Meetings pictures.

  3. praise the lord, greetings to you in the precious name of Our lord and saviour Jesus christ.
    please pray for me.
    Thanking you,
    servant of God
    pastor sam gummapu

  4. Dear Paul and Shiona,

    Praise God for giving you 20 years of wonderful marriage tomorrow. Praying you both grow more in love with each other, and love Christ more and more in the next 20 years.

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