Pastor’s Day Off Poll

March 16, 2009

For me, a Monday…

Feel free to tell us why in the comments section.



  1. I would *prefer* Monday after a long, tiring weekend, but I go with Friday to rest up before entering that long weekend. Monday usually has a few meetings in it so a day off then would be hard to manage.

  2. I am a bi-vocational pastor, and work a 4×10 schedule in my secular work that gives me Friday off. My weekly “Sabbath” is normally a combination of Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

  3. Monday. Not that I am ’employed’ as a minister so I can do as I please, but generally speaking I do not allow myself to ‘work’ for the church on a Monday. Why? Cause I’m smashed!!!

  4. I’m a thursday man. I preach Wednesday nights so any day before that would really put too much pressure on my prep time. And Thursday’s perfect because i’m worn out by that time, whereas on Mondays i still feel pretty good.

  5. I would like to take Monday off as well, however, my kids’ day off (from school) is Saturday, so I take that day off to ensure that I’m available for them.

  6. Monday. If I left it until later in the week, I might well find the pressures of procrastination eating into time with my wife and children. Better to be refresh on Monday and enjoy the day off, than risk putting pressure on my family time later in the week.

  7. A seminary professor (who had served as a pastor) once told me ‘Never take Monday as your day off. No one should be that tired on their day of rest.’ Kind of funny, but it also proved true for me in the pastorate. Mondays were kind of a slow day to attend to some of the things I noticed on Sunday (needed visits, etc…). I found Friday to be the best day off for me.

  8. I wonder if your Sunday School teachers, Elders, Deacons, and other non-paid workers take Monday off at their job! Maybe you all should look to them for the example!

    • But they usually don’t get calls in the middle of the night, or during their days off to go visiting someone who is the hospital, and they can take any sunday off they wish and don’t have to make it to every church service or weekly bible study service. They often spend their 2 days off a week doing stuff they like and church is one of their interests. When does the Pastor have time to volunteer for one of his/her interests other than work?

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