The Best Response to Harsh Criticism

March 10, 2009

We should all be open to constructive criticism: to our preaching, or any aspect of our pastoring. But what about when its downright destructive? Maybe we need to learn from Nehemiah’s example:

“Nehemiah didn’t pay much attention to these complainers but went right on with the work. That’s the best thing to do. If you take time away from your work to listen to everybody who wants your attention, you will never get anything done. Nehemiah got his encouragement from prayer and the promises of God, and the occasional complaints of some of the people didn’t upset him.”

(Warren Wiersbe, commenting on Nehemiah 4)



  1. This is good advice from Wiersbe’s pen. I found a quote some time back that is a good reminder to me of how to handle criticism–

    “Criticism, no matter how bitter, must never wither me; accolades, no matter how lofty, must never flatter me.” Ardel Caneday

  2. Alistair Begg says he sends them the Nehemiah 6.8.

  3. I think to that sometimes God can use our enemies who intend this destructive criticism to destroy us, to help refine us and teach us about areas that we do need to change and grow. I was taught not too long ago that God can and does even use my enemies to help refine me. However, this is great advice and if the comments are invalid and unwarranted, we must find encouragement and strength from God. Thanks for sharing.

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