Clowney Quotes

January 28, 2009

As promised, a few more Ed Clowney quotes from “Called to the Ministry.” Some of them are worth the price of the book.

“We are not called to build the kingdom of glory, but to carry a cross in the kingdom of grace. To forget the cause of missions is to forget the purpose of Christ in a world still spared from destruction. The purpose of your life must be the purpose of Christ’s death.” (25)

“Every gift you have received, then, is a calling of the Spirit.” (30)

“It is quite possible to overestimate the gifts you have; it is quite impossible to over-supplicate the gifts you need.” (30)

“What opportunities do you perceive? The first doors are in the room where you are.” (37)

“Both the heart of mercy and the hand of help must characterize the man who holds forth the Word of life.” (56)

“Worship is always an echo, reflecting the word of grace with the cry of praise.” (58 )

“The pulpit is not a psychiartrist’s couch or a seminar room. The preacher is a herald, an announcer, not a pollster.” (59)

“Wisdom is knowledge with the knower left in; or better, it is knowledge with God left in. True knowledge begins and ends with God.”(72)

“To learn how you may serve Christ tomorrow, you must serve him today. Stir up your gifts and Christ’s call will be made clear.” (82)



  1. Colin, whoa! We’re reading this at the same time. I read the book last week, was very helped by it, and wrote two posts about the book last week that are set to appear later this week on my blog. I too was struck by many of the same quotes. Funny timing. Great book.

  2. Justin,

    There’s some wonderful stuff in that little book isn’t there. I’m hungry to read more of Clowney now!

    Blessings brother…

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