Help, I’m a Pastor’s Wife!

January 14, 2009
By Connie Dever

“What will your wife do if you become our pastor?” That was the question one church member asked my husband at a question-and-answer session at Capitol Hill Baptist Church (CHBC). He was candidating for the position of pastor.

How did Mark answer? Did he reply, “She’ll take charge of women’s ministry. She’ll work with the children. She’ll accompany me on visitations”? No, he didn’t.

Read the rest of the article here via 9Marks.


One comment

  1. This is a great article that many preachers need to read. (and congregations searching for pastors) I think the involvement of the pastor’s wife varies as to the season of life she is in. We have 5 children, some pre-school aged, and just that fact alone makes it difficult at times for my wife to be involved in a lot of ‘activities’. However, she is able to meet / mentor other stay at home moms, have lunches with them, and do other things that wouldn’t be possible w/o her being in this specific season of life. Great response by Mark and an encouraging article to read! Thanks for posting it.

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