Christmas Blog Holiday

December 13, 2008

I’m stopping posting from now till after Christmas.

I’ll be doing less of this:


…more of this:


A Christ-exalting and enjoying Christmas everybody!



  1. Colin,
    Before you stop, can you add Monergism All European Speakers Messages Folder to your Workman’s toolbox. I am trying to build this up. Are your sermons and those of the pastors of Charlotte Chapel reformed in theology? I was thinking of adding some. Email me back.

    Merry Christmas,

    Paul Schafer
    Bryan, TX
    Monergism MP3 Library

  2. Colin,

    Thanks for giving a picture perspective on what really matters this holiday season: family time over blogging time. A number of us would do well to heed your pattern and put down the mouse for time with family this Christmas season.

  3. well the kid seems to like it

  4. Great site! Just wanted to say hello from a fellow brother! Be sure to check out our sites as well. We are about to go on the offensive with Paul Washer’s – Ten Indictments Sermon. Check out my latest blog. http://www.time2stand.wordpress.com
    God bless,
    Jeremy Strang

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