Happy 2nd Birthday

December 11, 2008

730 days ago I launched a blog.

561 posts, 2193 comments and 352,350 hits later Unashamed Workman continues to be a simple blog for busy preachers.

To the glorious God whom I serve, my wife, and especially my fellow preachers and readers I owe a great debt of thanks for making the journey so enjoyable thus far.

Two more years?



  1. Keep up the good work, brother. It takes a lot of time to prepare sermons and blog posts, and I know it gets discouraging at times.

  2. Colin,

    You ended this post with those three words: “Two more years?”

    Please, keep posting for the glory of God and the benefit of us out here in the blogosphere who enjoy reading your blog.

    You’re at 352,350 hits because people like myself get good food from a click here. Thanks for being consistent these past two years. Look forward to another two years of visits.

  3. Praise God for your work over those two years. Two more years? Please, yes. Also, the Christmas break sounds like a good idea. Remember that we have enough to do ministering to those we actually interact with day-to-day. We ought not to let blogging consume us or wear us out. Peace.

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