Oak Hill’s Quality Downloads

December 3, 2008

Oak Hill College is developing a superb page of seminar downloads including talks from Keller, Schreiner, Dever and Ovey:

> Preaching to the heart – Tim Keller, Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York, spoke at a special half-day conference on preaching which “exalts Christ, changes heart motivations, produces wisdom and wonder, persuades the sceptical and results in real life change” (November 2008).

> Building Jerusalem – Mike Ovey addresses Friends of Oak Hill in Holy Trinity, Platt, Manchester, on the changes, challenges and future ahead for Oak Hill (November 2008).

> The gospel challenges of continental Europe – Lindsay Brown, International Director of the Lausanne Movement, spoke at our mission evening on the challenges for mission in Europe today (September 2008).

> Run to win the prize – Professor Tom Schreiner of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, delivered the School of Theology lectures for 2008 on the nature of saving faith (May 2008).

> Believer’s baptism – During his recent visit to Oak Hill, Professor Tom Schreiner spoke and answered questions on believer’s baptism. Download his address and the following question time.

> Pastoral ministry in free churches – two addresses by Mark Dever of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington DC, to launch our series of independent ministry seminars (September 2007).

> Reverse mission: the face of Christianity in London is African – an address by Revd Joe Kapolyo from the 2007 Oak Hill Mission evening (September 2007).

> Implementing the CGD curriculum in your church – a workshop led by Ian and Nina Fry at the April 2007 “Children Desiring God” conference in Minneapolis (see under the elective seminars).

> Psalm 148, the “alleluia” psalm – a sermon by Garry Williams (May 2007).

> Creation to new creation: an introduction to biblical theology by David Peterson (2006). This 16-part evening lecture series covers the whole biblical story of salvation, from the creation in the book of Genesis, to the final fulfilment of God’s plan in the book of Revelation.

> What is forgiveness, and when should we offer it? A sermon by Paul Woodbridge (November 2006).

> Thomas Cranmer: reforming archbishop and martyr by Rudi Heinze (November 2006). This lecture explores the life, work and martyrdom of Thomas Cranmer, whose enormous contributions to the Church in England are well known.

> The person of Christ by Mike Ovey (June 2006). This four-part lecture series explores how the person and work of Christ are described in the Old and New Testaments, and in orthodox theology.

 > Teaching the next generation by Ian Fry (January 2006). An exposition of Psalm 78 by Ian Fry, Director of Youth and Children’s Ministry at Oak Hill.

> The Gospels of the Old Testament by James Robson (June 2005). An eight-week lecture series on “the gospels of the Old Testament”, exploring how the books fit together, what the major themes are, and how they speak to us today.



  1. Excellent!!

  2. Thank you for posting this. I can not wait to listen to The Gospels of the Old Testament.

    Great Post!

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