Preaching Inerrancy

November 28, 2008

Andrew McGowan’s views on inerrancy have been causing a stir recently in Reformed circles. Over at Analogical Thoughts James Anderson has made an insightful critique of McGowan’s position on inerrancy. James’ basic thrust:

I believe his arguments are weak and evidence a misunderstanding of both the core claim of inerrantists and the core argument for that claim.


Here are the posts so far:



  1. Thanks for the plug, Colin.

    I should mention for the benefit of your readers that McGowan’s book has an excellent chapter on ‘Preaching Scripture’ which isn’t marred by (and arguably testifies against) his problematic position on inerrancy.

    McGowan argues that preachers today can learn much from the example of the Reformers, particularly Calvin, whose preaching was (1) founded upon the authority of Scripture, (2) expository, (3) systematic, (4) doctrinal, and (5) reflective of his view of the minister as primarily a ‘teaching elder’.

  2. BTW, some of the links in your post are broken.

  3. Fixed those broken links now. Not sure what happened there.

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