10 Ways to Ruin My Day-Off

November 17, 2008

Here reads a note to myself. It is a warning – a memo for future reference – highlighting the various ways through which I tend to sabotage my day-off:

1. Don’t do any planning about how I’m going to rest, relax and reflectassume that ‘resting well’ just happens when I stop working.

2. Sleep in.

3. Spend most of the day talking about work related things.

4. Spend most of the day silently thinking about work related things.

5. Spend most of the day planning for work related things.

6. Neglect the spiritual disciplines practiced on the other six days.

7. View the day as one to solely satisfy my personal needs, rather than a precious period for quantity-quality time with family.

8. Don’t read Christian books (especially biographies) that nourish, soothe and refresh my soul.

9. Watch TV.

10. Revolve the day around me, rather than fix my eyes on God, the gospel and my Saviour Jesus Christ.



  1. Thanks for convicting the daylights out of me Colin! I could easily replace #9 with the internet. Now I know to plan for this upcoming weekend.

  2. You basically just called out my entire weekend. We certainly need to plan out what we’re going to do to be much more effective. I’m linking to this list.

  3. Good thoughts

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