Gerald Griffiths

October 29, 2008

Gerald Griffiths (1921-) followed Sidlow Baxter as pastor of Charlotte Baptist Chapel during the years 1954 – 1962.

The following quote highlights Griffith’s ability to apply biblical truth to everyday life.

“The application of spiritual truths to personal experience and conduct was a marked feature of Gerrald Griffiths’ ministry of the Word. His knowledge of Hebrew and Greek preserved him from straying into bypaths of interpretation, and Scottish minds responded readily to his deep interest in reformed theology, especially Puritan theology. His acquaintance with the broad structure of systematic theology, as distinct from Biblical theology, gave his teaching a balance and proportion that maintained the true reformed emphasis. The application of spiritual truth to personal experience and conduct was a marked feature of his ministry of the Word.”

(Ian Balfour in Revival in Rose Street, p 292)


One comment

  1. I was privileged to attend Dr Griffith’s weekly Bible studies when I was a student at the Faith Mission Bible College in Edinburgh. He also taught at the College in those days. That was the time when Rev. Duncan Campbell was the principal. Looking back, I had no idea how blessed I was to have such a full and wonderful contribution in my life through the ministry of such men.
    Robert McMurdock, Pastor, Waterloo, Iowa. USA

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