Suprising Spurgeon # 4 – The Spirit

October 18, 2008

I’m continuing to read Zack Eswine’s excellent book about Charles Spurgeon, Kindled Fire,  and continue to find surprises. The latest concerns both the quantity and force of many of Spurgeon’s statements about the person of the Holy Spirit.

“Spurgeon’s explicit references to the Spirit in preaching seem often and notably absent among his reformed and evangelical grandchildren. For example, it is difficult to imagine such successors crying out from our pulpits today: ‘May the Lord answer us by fire, and may that fire fall on ministers and then upon the people! We ask for the true Pentecostal flame…this we must have, or our ministry will be in vain.” (Eswine, p 15)


One comment

  1. Very enlightening and enjoyable posts concerning Spurgeon and his call for relevance and how the congregation reacted to different aspects of his preaching ministry. There is nothing new under the sun!

    Also, my wife and I are looking at two mission opportunities for next summer, either in Ireland or Scotland. If we go to Scotland, I would love to visit Charlotte Chapel and say hello to you in person!

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