The Preaching Course By Numbers

October 17, 2008

Last night we hosted at our house the last session of The Preaching Course. This course involved:

  • 16 hours of lectures & discussion: moving from basic hermeneutics to practical homiletics
  • 10 novice or non-preachers
  • 7 people going with preachers to churches giving feedback
  • 6 lecturers (including two senior pastors, a bible college VP and a former speech therapist)
  • 6 churches welcoming the preachers
  • 4 passages being preached from 4 different genres
  • 2 stages of feedback (the 1st on the manuscript before the preach; the 2nd on the preach itself)
  • 2 course leaders (thanks Tim: couldn’t have done it without you!)
  • 1 passion: to see God raise up more men for this glorious calling of preaching.


  1. only men?

  2. Hi Joe,

    Yes, only men. We are complementarian in our understanding of Scripture.

    That said, I am involved in training women in bible handling in other contexts, just not with the objective of pulpit preaching.

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