Paul, The Faithful Preacher

October 14, 2008

I’ve been blessed this lunchtime to listen to a sermon about Paul’s example as a faithful teacher (an exposition of Acts 20:13-48).

Some marks of Paul’s faithful teaching?

• he was humble and passionate
• he was courageous and selfless
• his proclamation was both public and personal
• his proclamation was both gospel-centred and comprehensive

Listen to the whole of James Anderson’s sermon here.



  1. […] And Colin Adams reflects on the marks of Paul’s preaching. […]

  2. To the regular visitors at this site, could I encourage you to listen to this sermon. In particular, to any elder, or prospective elder, the challenge will be stark and direct.

  3. “Evangelize or Fosselize!”

    Gotta love it. 🙂

    But the whole was much appreciated.


  4. One of my favorite parts was the illustration James used to describe Christians who were trying to live freelance; without any church integration.

    He said such a Christian was like a soldier in the army who prefers to walk alongside the armored vehicle, rather than take cover in it. Such a soldier/Christian is enormously vulnerable.

    …Why can’t I come up with illustrations like that??

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