Confident, Even With Cancer

September 23, 2008

Ted Herbert was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. Vice Principal of International Christian College (Glasgow) till several weeks ago, Ted was my ‘fellowship group’ leader during my time at ICC. The news has been a shock to everyone. I was greatly encouraged, however, as I listened to Ted giving his testimony to his home church in Bearsden. His confidence in God and inner peace are palpable.



  1. Thankyou so much for posting this.

  2. Teaching biblical truth at Bible College is one thing, but living it is another. Ted Herbert has clearly done both. His testimony in this video speaks powerfully of the outworking of God’s love and grace in his life. like Colin, Ted was my fellowship leader and tutor at ICC. His love for God and child like enthusiasm in conveying the truths of the Old Testament will always stick with me. Ted, you’ve made such an impression on my life and my understanding, and I know I speak for hundreds of other students who have been so deeply blessed by your ministry. If God heals you, we will rejoice, but if he takes you home, then I have no doubt that you will have a rich welcome into His presence. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time – Jonathan & Yvonne Bacon

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