Husbands, Wives, Kings and Queens

September 18, 2008

This will likely be my last post before the weekend: I am taking the wedding of the senior-pastor’s daughter on Saturday (no pressure!) and am preparing to negotiate an ‘all-age service’ on Sunday.

As I was preparing – and thinking about husbands and wives – I was reminded of the following story

“A public lecture was once advertised under the title, how to make your wife treat you like a king. The lecture hall was absolutely packed out, with men from all sections of society waiting to hear where they were going wrong. Finally, the speaker stood up to address the packed and expectant gathering. Gentleman, he said to them, the answer to the question being posed is every simple. If you want your wife to treat you like a king there is one thing you must do: treat her like a queen.” (J John, Ten, p118)


One comment

  1. That is a great story, and a very helpful reminder. Thanks.

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