September 12, 2008

Someone asked me over the phone today to recommend some commentaries on Genesis, then the Psalms, then Acts, then

Pretty soon my memory was failing me!

Thankfully one thing I did remember was a useful reference website I’ve been periodically using. Bestcommentaries.com is a webplace that does exactly what it says on the tin. Yet in my opinion, its possibly the best resource available in terms of online commentary-recommendations.

It has profitable listings for both Old and New Testament’s books respectively, where commentaries are rated according to their excellence.

Helpfully too there are various letters next to each commentary volume, denoting things like “more technical/academic” (T) or “more pastorally” focused (P). There is also a forthcoming section which lists future commentary releases, whilst the home page lists the latest commentary reviews from the likes of RC Sproul and Jim Rosscup.

Well worth a look.

Other Toolbox This Week

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