Sermon Notes Revisited

August 15, 2008

Since sermon manuscripts has been a recent topic in the blogosphere, I thought I might link to a series of posts I did a while back on this very subject: “The Manuscript Maze.” I outline here the three main approaches to sermon notes with their corresponding pros and cons.

* The Manuscript Maze (part one)
* The Manuscript Maze (part two)
* The Manuscript Maze (part three)
* The Manuscript Maze (part four)


Other Toolbox This Week

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Colin Smith – 3 Ways to Meditate on a Text
Audio: Debate on Baptism
Ferguson: Lamenting ‘God Told Me’ Theology
Main Points of DMLJ’s Preaching and Preachers
Preaching as Worship
Carey’s 11 Commandments on Mission
CJ Sermon Archive
Audio: The Pastor and the Academy
Training the Next Generation on a Shoestring



  1. Would you mind if i reposted this post on Expository Thoughts?

  2. Sure, fire ahead…

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