Mike Bullmore’s Handwritten Notes

August 14, 2008

Mike Bullmore’s sermon notes have now been posted by Josh Harris.

The most striking observation is that they are hand written; a close second, is the observation that they are hard to decipher! (to me, not to pastor Bullmore!). I’ve heard Mike Bullmore say that his sermon notes are hand-written because he writes better that way. There’s still something special about writing by hand, perhaps the slower pace and the opportunity to search for the right word, that he finds enriching.

From my limited observation Bullmore’s approach is increasingly distinctive in our technological age. Rightly or wrongly, the time consuming practice of writing by hand is often disregarded nowadays in favor of punching-keys.



  1. i would like to talk to you about the bible more if you would like to email me that would be great

  2. Mark,

    My email is found in ‘About the Workman’. Feel free to email me with any questions you have….

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