A Few Things I’m Working On In My Preaching

August 13, 2008


…the exegetical carefulness of Don Carson
…the expositional clarity of John Stott
…the assiduous attention to context of Dick Lucas
…the cross-referencing knowledge of John MacArthur
…the ‘outlining’ skills of Warren Wiersbe
…the doctrinal precision of RC Sproul
…the bible-critiquing-culture abilities of Al Mohler
…the delivery of James Montgomery Boice
…the vocabulary of R Kent Hughes
…the simple yet powerful illustrations of CH Spurgeon
…the winsome yet pointed humor of Alistair Begg
…the applicational focus of CJ Mahaney
…the apologetical ‘side-bars’ of Tim Keller
…the sheer Scriptural coverage of Mark Dever
…the heart for the lost of George Whitefield
…the compassion for the flock of Charles Simeon
…the unbridled passion for God of John Piper
…the gravity of Doctor Martyn Lloyd Jones

ps. This may take a while…



  1. I think you forgot a few:

    …the evangelistic effectiveness of Charles Finney
    …the disarming geniality of Rick Warren
    …the prophetic vision of Brian McLaren
    …the stadium-filling trendiness of Rob Bell

    More seriously, what about:

    …the sheer energy of Mark Driscoll

    Okay, back to work now. 🙂

  2. James,

    I knew there was a few greats I had missed out, thanks for reminding me 😉

    Yeah – what is it Driscoll preaches?: something like 5 times on a Sunday?! Incredible.

  3. At least one more in my own list:

    …the humble desire to improve of one Colin Adams.


  4. Thanks Colin. I posted your list and added another I’m working on:

    …the CROSS-centeredness of the apostle Paul

  5. Hey Colin, Nice list! Through some unknown connections, Alistair Begg will be preaching at my church in Colorado on Wednesday, September 17!

  6. This is a great list and the comments are great as well. It’s great to be encouraged by others in the task of preaching. thanks.

  7. Just curious – why not just be yourself?

  8. […] perfect preacher! Posted on August 14, 2008 by Peter Cockrell I love this. Colin Adams has a great list of things to work toward as a […]

  9. Thanks, Colin.

    I’ve often used such lists as a prayer list for myself as a pastor and preacher.

    One thing that I noticed and that encouraged me about the list is that there is one quality listed for each person. There isn’t just one person listed who exudes every one of those qualities — and therefore, though I seek to become like them each respectively, I’m encouraged to remember that none of them is the “total package.” It is good to remember that God uses foolish and weak (and incomplete) preachers.

  10. I love the list. How about the urgency of M’Cheyne?

  11. You’ll never do it. This is a recipe for failure. Just be yourself and work within your gifts and best abilities.

  12. This is really cool & inspiring & causes me to give thanks to God for the gifts he has given to his church.

    The “just-be-yourself” advice is well-intentioned, but simplistic. Yes, we are ourselves and we have our gifts, but that doesn’t mean we cannot improve. The preacher who wants to be an effective communicator will seek to learn from the best. Just remember that our righteousness and our reputation is Christ!

  13. Colin,

    Thanks for such an insightful list. I posted it on my blog with your mug shot! 😉 Keep these stimulating posts coming our way in the blogosphere.

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