25 Popular Google Searches

August 5, 2008

Great the things you find when you sift through your site stats. I guess I should personally thank Martin Luther for sending so much traffic to my blog.

unashamed workman 3,577
martin luther 2,747
alistair begg 2,017
tim keller 1,603
voddie baucham 1,362
luther 994
highlands 867
sermon preparation 468
athlete 411
george whitefield 368
stress 350
powerpoint 334
vaughan roberts 322
timothy keller 286
ephesus 285
unashamedworkman 257
john piper 243
john stott 216
derek prime 214
the reformation 198
bible 198
preaching 193
colin adams preaching 151
thabiti anyabwile 149
charles spurgeon 110



  1. That’s funny how ‘athlete’ comes quite high up on the list. Are you an athlete or is this because of something you wrote on the new testament which sometimes uses athletic terminology?

  2. I’m certainly no athlete! No, I did a series of posts some time ago, and part of the theme was had athletic content…

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