20 Unashamed Partners

August 5, 2008

I’m taking the second and final week of my holidays this week. Posting will be slim pickings. As I take a breather, I’m aware that this blog only functions because of many partners: both readers and fellow bloggers who link to this site make Unashamed Workman more than a one-man-show. Out of interest, I uncovered yesterday the 20 highest ‘referrers’ to Unashamed Workman since this website has been running.

1. Justin Taylor (Between Two Worlds)

2. Tim Challies
3. Thabiti Anyabwile (Pure Church)
4. Nicki Adams & Co (Titus2talk)
5. Milton Stanley (Transforming Sermons)
6. Pyromaniacs
7. Bible Exposition.net
8. Steve McCoy
9. David Bish (Blue Fish)
10. Paul Lamey & co (Expository Thoughts)
11. Scott Hamilton (Resolve)
12. Scotwise
13. Justin Buzzard
14. John MacArthur & Co (Pulpit Online)
15. Erik Raymond (Irish Calvinist)
16. John Brand (Encouraging Expository Excellence)
17. Valiant For Truth
18. Grace in the Community
19. Jeffrey M Hill
20. All of Grace



  1. Pleasure to refer to you!
    Thanks for serving us so well.

  2. #7 does not work and a couple of these have not posted for some months. Thanks for the list otherwise. 🙂 I appreciate your site.

  3. Colin, I really appreciate your blog and your commitment to preaching. I am glad to see that folks are taking the vine over here to your site.


  4. I’m honored to be an unashamed partner. You do very good work here, Colin. I pray you’ll continue, and be blessed in the work.

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