Wielding a Different Kind of Authority

July 29, 2008

Today I’ve added two links to Unashamed Workman. First, Calvin 500 – a webplace celebrating the legacy of John Calvin on 500th anniversary of his death – to my ‘Other Helpful Places.’ Second, I’ve added Mike Gilbart Smith’s sermons to my ‘Unashamed Workmen’ links.

Regarding Calvin, I recently found Alistair McGrath’s appraisal of him to be striking:

“Calvin was no Genevan dictator, ruling the population with a rod of iron. He was not even a citizen of Geneva throughout his time there, and was thus denied access to political authority. His status was simply that of a pastor who was in no position to dictate to the magisterial authorities who administered the city….Calvin’s influence over Geneva rested ultimately not in his formal legal standing (which was insignificant) but in his considerable authority as a preacher and pastor.” (Alistair McGrath, quoted in Steve Lawson, The Expository Genius of John Calvin, p21)


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