Sky High Ironies

July 28, 2008

I awoke yesterday morning ready to preach my heart out on Psalm 19 (‘the heaven’s declare the glory of God’, ‘the skies the work of his hands’ etc). However all I could see of the sky out of my kitchen window was a thick, murky mist. Ironic.

In Edinburgh we call this the “harr” – a sea fog that affects Edinburgh every summer. This turn of events was even more ironic given that Edinburgh had been flooded with sunshine all week. But thanks, Lord: just around our service start time, the great ball of fire started to burn through, and my heart was warmed to preach with greater eagerness about the sun-glory which points to the Son’s glory.

(The sermon here)


One comment

  1. Now we see but through a cloud darkly, but then….. ……..!

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