Preaching Is Culturally Neutral – & Other Notes

July 25, 2008

Today’s Featured Toolbox is a selection of notes taken by Dan Green from London’s EMA this year. Speakers included R Kent Hughes and Christopher Ash. The theme was preaching. The notes are worth scanning – not least for claims like ‘Preaching itself is a culturally neutral phenomenon!’

Other Toolbox This Week
Wow…My Good friend David Reimer Guest Blogging for Justin Taylor
Devotional Challenges with the Children (funny)
Spurgeon and Studying
Don’t Substitute Fact Finding For Thinking
10 Ways To Be A Miserable Christian
Evangelical Alliance Scotland Invites Brian McLaren
Superb Article By Jonathan Leeman: Individualism’s not the Problem; Community’s not the Solution
Exegeting Culture
How Important Is Church Membership?
The Preacher’s Authority
Audio Lecture: Preaching that Communicates (John Hosier)


One comment

  1. Hi Colin

    Thanks for all your hardwork, I always find it worth a read. Just to say not sure link is right for 10 ways to be a miserable Christian.

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