Loving Those ‘Old’ Hymns

July 7, 2008

Some were surprised yesterday to hear that I – and not the Senior Pastor – had picked for our closing communion hymn “It may be at morn.” [We always finish our communion service with a song about Christ’s return]. Being sub-thirty, how could I possibly appreciate such “older hymns”? For me, however, some of these ‘antiquated hymns’ are lyrically and musically indispensable, no matter how many contemporary treasures we add. Enjoy this version by the Amsterdam Ghana SDA church choir.


  1. Colin:
    Was there supposed to be a link to the choir piece? I couldn’t find anything so I could “enjoy” it. Just thot you’d want to know.

  2. Never mind. Must have been a problem on my end. This time the video came up. Sorry.

  3. Ayyyyy-men!

  4. Thanks for sharing this video. Not sure if the still do this but they used to sing this tremendous hymn as the last song at the Keswick Convention each year right at the end of the Friday Communion.

  5. Ah yes, 1st August 1999 (and many other occasions) … it comes flooding back, PG was preaching on Exodus 1 and a certain Assistant Pastor finished communion with the same hymn – 347 in MP.

    I bet you had all the disp. pre-millers warmly shaking your hand!?

  6. I think the hymn is fairly eschatologically neutral, is it not?

  7. Yes, it wasn’t a comment about the hymn per se.

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