The C D E’s of Preaching

July 5, 2008

You’ve heard of the ABCs. Well on Thursday morning David Jackman treated us to the CDE’s of preaching at Faith Mission Bible College, Edinburgh. Here’s my summary.

1. We need to have Confidence in the Word Preached

In Colossians 1:28 Paul’s pastoral aim is to “present everyone perfect in Christ.” Only verses earlier, however, the apostle expounds how he will do this. Paul will “present the word of God in all its fullness” (Colossians 1:26). The only way to present our people perfect in Christ is to first present the word of God to them.

Jackman’s contention was that perhaps the main reason we don’t have confidence is simply laziness. Preaching is hard work, or in the words of Paul, “laboring” and “struggling.” “If you don’t want to work hard” Jackman said, “don’t go into the ministry.”

2. We need to have Diligence in our Preparation

David Jackman recommended four stages by which he prepares sermons in around 8 hours. He did confess however, to having done some of the commentary legwork three months in advance!

i) exegesis (2 hours) – what does the text actually say?
ii) exposition (2 hours) – what does this text mean? what is its significance?
iii) strategy and structure (2 hours) – how can I best put this sermon together?
iv) writing up your notes (2 hours)

3. We need to have Expectation that is borne out of prayer

With this, Jackman no doubt struck a nerve with all preachers present: “If we’re honest, we spent a lot more time in the preparation than in the praying.”



  1. Looking forward to hearing Jackman here in Cheltenham on 20/7

  2. Thanks for sharing these. They are indeed helpful.

  3. Sounds like a great message. Wish I could have heard it. Good teaching on preaching.

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