Simply Couldn’t Believe This…

July 2, 2008

Nothing to do with my ministry as a preacher; simply to do with my life as a father. The world has gone mad: Father’s Day Cards Banned at Scottish Schools. The opening line:

Primary schools throughout Scotland banned children from making Fathers Day cards to avoid upsetting children from single-mother or lesbian homes.



  1. Are you sure that’s not some kind of joke? Are you sure you didn’t wake up in California, USA – home of the ever widening absurdity of political correctness? Just a couple of questions that came to mind. This is the kind of event that leaves you saying, “Are they serious?” over and over again.

  2. Man — and I thought things were bad in Canada…

  3. Closer to home (and not in the nuttiness corner of the councils mentioned here), I was doing a children’s talk one father’s day when someone mentioned to me before the church service that several of the kids had no father present, a couple by separation/divorce and a few more by a recent tragic bereavement – and that was a significant proportion of the kids present that morning. That took some very careful handling indeed.

    May God ever give us wisdom, to handle His word so as to neither compromise it – nor handle it pastorally insensitively.

  4. Wow.

    One more question… are you sure that has nothing to do with you and our ministries as preachers?

    The world has gone mad. The only sane persons in it are those who know and cling fast to Christ Jesus and are sanctified by His truth.

    Thanks for this and your work on the blog in general. Grace and peace.

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