New Europe, New Atheism Debate

June 26, 2008

Some of you in the UK might be interested in a debate that will take place during the Edinburgh International Festival at 11am on Saturday the 9th of August.

(Christopher Hitchens. Photo by ensceptico; Creative Commons License)

The debate, to be held at the Usher Hall, will be between Dr John Lennox (Fellow in Mathematics and Philosophy and Chaplain at Green College Oxford) and Christopher Hitchens (journalist, author and one of the ‘New Atheists’). The debate will be moderated by James Naughtie (presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme).

The blurb:

Would the new Europe be better off jettisoning its religious past and welcoming the new atheism? A discussion between a scientist who thinks God is great and a cultural commentator who doesn’t. In association with The Trinity Forum and the Fixed Point Foundation.

There is seating for 1,800 and it is expected to sell out.
You can book online here.



  1. Fallacy of appeal to consequences.

  2. Hitchens is a very angry man. I’ve watched him debate before and he has nothing new to say. At least he understands the Bible a little better than Dawkins, but not much, to be honest.

  3. Hitchen’s is angry? Not really. He is more of an alky.

    However this is unrelated to just about everything he says- it is tantamount to mocking the pope because he was conscripted in WW2. Well, sure- but it is unrelated to… just about everything of consequence.

  4. Pointing out obvious fallacy and contradiction does not make you ‘angry’ it makes you ‘right’.

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