Sermon Feedback Form

June 25, 2008

10 men from our recent Preaching Course will be delivering sermons this July in churches around Edinburgh. This week I put together a feedback form for those who will go with them and provide constructive comment. Its pretty basic but tries to cover all the main bases.

Sermon Feedback Form

Name of Preacher: ___________________________________
Feedback given by: ___________________________________

Content of Sermon

1. What was the main idea of the sermon? How well was it communicated?

2. Was the sermon easy to follow? Any comments about text referencing, transitions between points, gaps in logic?

3. Any comments or concerns regarding the preacher’s handling of Scripture?

4. Were any illustrations particularly memorable? Were they appropriate (right kind of humour/ references)?

5. Was the text applied pastorally and directly to the congregation?

6. To what extent were both Christians and non-Christians addressed by the sermon?

7. How well did the sermon begin and end?

Presentation of Sermon

1. Any comments about the preacher’s speaking (voice articulation and projection)?

2. Any comments about the preacher’s body language/ mannerisms? (eg. eye contact, posture, anything distracting)

Final Thoughts

1. What did you appreciate most about this sermon?

2. What one thing should the preacher strive to improve next time round?

Any other comments


  1. I’d be pretty scared to preach in front of someone holding THAT on a clipboard!

  2. Great feedback sheet. I have used similar ones in preaching training over the years, but these days find it helpful to add a further element. Namely: did the text (and the message, on behalf of the text) achieve the purpose for which the text was written? Or did it stop at merely educating about what the text is about – a crucial, but insufficient, step.

    In Edwards’ kind of terms, did it raise my affections in the direction of the truth revealed and to the degree that the text demands? Is the congregation actually likely to worship and obey God as the text demands as a result of this sermon?

    Superb blog by the way. I particularly like the 10 questions section.


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