Romans 8 For A Monday Morning

June 23, 2008

Take five minutes. Hit the play button. Soak in Romans 8.

(HT: Warnock)


  1. Andy’s got a great gift hasn’t he! I think we got him inspired to do it off the back of that Ryan Ferguson Hebrews video from Sovereign GRace Ministries last year.

    A little more here:
    Andrew Parsons, Colossians 1 (audio)

  2. Hi Colin,

    Thanks for posting that video. It has encouraged me this morning.

    See you soon bro,


  3. Wow – thank you so much for this!

  4. Great chapter in the Holy writ. Because of the English accent, I found myself waiting for Aslan to set out and
    announce himself.

  5. That was very encouraging. I am not familiar with the source of this. Do you have a link? (And is it a British or Australian guy? It sounded more Australian to me.)

  6. Hi Cal,

    Enjoying your blog, by the way.

    I got the link from Adrian Warnock. I’m really not sure where the guy is originally from,


  7. Cal etc – Andrew’s a British student at Reading University.

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