Preach… Like Billy Graham!

June 17, 2008

“When the moment came to walk to the pulpit in the tiny Bostwick Baptist Church, my knees shook and perspiration glistened on my hands. I launched into sermon number one. It seemed to be over almost as soon as I got started, so I added number two. And number three. And eventually number four. Then I sat down. Eight minutes – that was all it took to preach all four of my sermons!”

(Billy Graham recalling his first sermon. Quoted from Just as I Am, page 49).

(Photo by Brent and MariLynn, Creative Commons License)


  1. The first time I was able to teach a small group I felt the same way!

  2. Completely off-topic, and I’d try to figure this out another way if I knew how…
    But the Charlotte Chapel website has disappeared.
    Has it moved? Is it just down?


  3. My email is changed and it will be new on Tuesday coming.
    I love Jesus and I love the preaching by Billy Graham.
    God Bless you and me.

  4. thanks to God for the courage of preaching and wining souls for the kingdom. I like preaching and sharing but the saame is all i also experience nervousness.What shall i do

  5. wrds of encouragement: jesus is co\ming are you ready,what of your family? your neibour all church.

  6. justify book of james with paul are they contra dicting.Please illustrate

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