7 Keys to Communion With God

June 16, 2008

In his book “Preach with Passion” Alex Montoya discusses how we can grow in our communion with God. He suggests seven practical means. These apply to all Christians – not least those who seek to lead the church by godly example. Yes, these may be familiar to you, but I’d ask you to seriously consider whether they practically feature in your walk with Jesus.

1. Develop a personal discipline of reading God’s Word, not so much for the formation of a sermon, but for the personal joy of knowing God and His workings in the world.

2. Let the study of the Word be an exercise in feeding the soul, and not in ‘fattening up a sermon’ for others.

3. Allow enough time in your day for the meditation of what you read and studied.

4. Be in constant prayer.

5. Stay in love with your Savior.

6. Make the most of public worship.

7. Take special opportunities to devote yourself to protracted times of prayer, fasting and personal introspection.

For a fuller development of these points I would highly recommend Montoya’s book: Preaching with Passion.



  1. Yes.

    I am at the beginning stages of going to seminary and becoming a pastor myself. These are fantastic. Thank for the “gentle” reminder here.


  2. What a great post, thanks for sharing! The timing of this is perfect, praise God!

  3. If we expect to lead others to God, we must have and cultivate our walk with him. Bottom line.

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