A Case For the Mondays

June 9, 2008

I love Mondays.

While that statement doesn’t hold true for most of the working population, it does for me. Monday is my closely guarded, much cherished, body and soul refreshing day when I am largely free of church responsibilities. Every pastor should have one. Every pastor needs one.

But perhaps you take another day. I’ve heard of pastor’s opt for Tuesday (very common), Wednesday/Thursday/Friday (less common) and Saturday (ever popular).

Some have suggested to me that Monday is a bad day off. Not least, they argue, because Monday is a ‘let down day’ when the body drops to a physiological low after Sunday’s adrenaline high. Quantity time with family often can’t be the quality time it might be.

I feel the objection. Some Monday’s have seen me sluggish and slow.

In Monday’s defense, however, I enjoy knowing that next Sunday is as far away as possible. This means I am less distracted than I might be if I interrupted my week, trying to switch off when Sunday is closing in. That doesn’t work for me.

But that’s me.



  1. I totally agree. I actually debate with myself now and again about which day might work best for my day off. And, Mondays, it seems, always seem to be the day that best works for evening meetings, etc. (today being one of those days – two meetings tonight).

    Having said that, though, Monday works best for me for the reason you mentioned: what is most important for my day is that the next Sunday be as far away as possible. As Sunday approaches, the pressure of the next sermon weighs on me, and I can become preoccupied to the point of not being able to enjoy much of anything else (that’s like Friday and Saturday). In addition, if I have Monday night meetings, I simply take an additional half-day (or day!) off during the week, when possible.

    It’s summer – I’m using some vacation this week.

  2. Friday is my preferred day off. Monday for me is a time to take care of “loose ends” arising out of Sunday, and also a time to “set the course” for the coming Lord’s Day. By Friday I’m ready for a break before heading into Sunday.

  3. I’m with you. I opt for Monday’s off. There was a point that I took off Thursday. But, the further I am from Sunday, the better the chance I’ll actually relax. Even then. ..

  4. Colin, what do you do on Saturdays? Do you take both Monday and Saturday off?

    I take Monday off right now and then go up to the office for a few hours on Saturday to finish up the sermon.

  5. I’m with you on enjoying Mondays. Although I minister on a voluntary basis, and I work ‘at home’, I set Mondays apart for gardening and stuff that has nothing to do with church. Otherwise my brain might explode!

  6. Justin,

    I usually take Saturday afternoon off – the morning is given to going over my sermon. That said, sometimes there are church activities on the Saturday afternoon. We also tend to use it as a chores day.


  7. As someone who also had Mondays ‘forced’ upon him in your position Colin, my Mum suggested changing it to Wednesdays … which I did when I became Senior Pastor. So I have listened to my mother on at least one occasion. (Well okay, it wasn’t forced but you know what I mean 🙂 )

    I’ve got to say that it works for me. I used to be very sluggish on Wednesdays – working towards Sunday as one big crescendo! However, now I have two ‘peaks’ in my week and so (I think) a more balanced week.

    That said, RL stuff is probably going to make me change it to another day here in Sydney!?

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