Encourage Your Pastor This Summer

June 6, 2008

This Friday’s featured toolbox may be most useful to those who don’t preach but listen to lots of preaching. Steven Burchett on “How to Encourage Your Pastor This Summer.”

Other Toolbox This Week
* Helping the Congregation Concentrate
* New Word Alive 09 – New Speakers Announced
* Dever on Personal Bible Reading
* Church Leaders and Family Holidays
* MacArthur – Preaching and Postmodernism
* Lead! Pastors
* Are Preachers Today Failing to Preach the Gospel? – Robinson
* Christians Face Arrest for Preaching…..In England
* Pyro – The Foolishness of Preaching



  1. Hi Colin:

    It is so nice of you to point people to that little article I wrote. I want to let you know (and your readers) that there are hundreds more articles of about the same size that we provide for free for churches at http://www.bulletininserts.org (its a ministry of http://www.ccwtoday.org). Lots of churches download them as, you guessed it, bulletin inserts, but there are many other ways people use them (family worship, resource table, work devotinal, evangelism, etc.).

    I always enjoy the “toolbox,” by the way!

    Warmly in Christ,
    Steve Burchett

  2. Steve,

    Thanks for a really helpful article and also for pointing out that wider resource.


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