Spiritual Check Up

May 26, 2008

Its good, especially for pastors, to take a spiritual health check once in a while. The Tenth Presbyterian “Spiritual Health Survey” is something I’m planning to adapt for my own reflections periodically. One question goes like this:

Select the top three aspects of your spiritual life you would most like to improve:

* increasing my commitment to Christ
* increasing my Bible knowledge
* improving my prayer life
* becoming a better servant to others
* building relationships for spiritual accountability
* making a stronger commitment to a small group
* understanding the Christian worldview better
* doing a better job of sharing my faith with others
* growing in personal holiness
* learning to forgive others
* participating in Christian ministries regularly
* OTHER: __________________________________

Perhaps you’ll take time today – like me – to try to answer the question.

One comment

  1. Surveys and such like this can be helpful, but they tend to be more gimmicky than useful. For a better way of determining how my walk with God is, I prefer Psalm 129:23-24. A prayer along the lines of, “Look into my heart and tell me what you see.”

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