Rick Warren on Preaching

May 22, 2008

I don’t usually post this kind of thing, but I found this video a little disturbing….



  1. Thank you for posting this video. It just helps in proving that the “Purpose-Driven” anything; has nothing to do with God’s purpose. What a sham! Unfortunately we are more concerned about methods than we are with ministry.

  2. Yes, those comments are a bit disturbing and I don’t agree with a lot of what he said. But when he says “preaching and praying don’t grow a church”, I don’t think he is saying don’t do them. He does both. I think he was simply saying that preaching and praying by themselves are not all that is needed to reach and grow people. He was saying we need to set up a process for discipling people. Is there a single church represented by the writers and readers of this blog that does absolutely nothing but preach and pray?
    Does anyone find the harsh sarcasm of the radio host disturbing as well? There doesn’t seem to be a humble bone in his body. And saying that “Purpose-Driven has nothing to do with God’s purpose” is as much an overstatement as Warren’s comments were an understatement. Fellowship, evangelism and service “have nothing to do with God”?

  3. Dean, I really genuinely believe that if you set yourself up in public with such awful unscriptural teaching, you are open to strong, public rebuke. It may be a little too sarcastic, but I tend to cut the Americans some slack. They’re American, after all…

  4. I thank you for posting this. I am pleased when the “church growth model” is evaluated by scripture. I think the damage done by this mindset is more than the American Church can accept.

    Dean, I find his tone irritating but actually his criticism is spot on. Pastor Rick, always puts forth a reasoned above it all type of persona, but his words a knives at the heart of faith. I have seen the damage of his teaching and my heart rejoices at Pastor Piper’s words.

    I do believe Pastor Rick sincerely believes he is right. That does not mean he is. The body at large is left to believe we agree with this silliness unless we oppose it. I believe it is time to rebuke in love.

  5. I agree with everything y’all have said and I am so thankful for the huge impact John Piper has had on my life the last decade or so. I’ve only read one Rick Warren book, but I get his weekly e-mails and I think I’m a fairly good student of his. I’m just praying for humility in my criticism, since I know I’m susceptible to pride at any moment. I’m also trying to remember what I’ve read that Warren said elsewhere, since that video was made in a Q&A session, which doesn’t always result in the most reasoned of answers.

    “They’re American, after all…”
    That made me laugh!

  6. Wow, post a Rick Warren video and people come from all over! 🙂 Right on Colin, it IS a little disturbing.

  7. I am disturbed both by some of what Warren says, and by the somewhat smug rebuttal on this clip. I am concerned both by the apparent implications of what Warren says and by the method of interupting him mid-sentence to interupt the flow of his argument.

    If this is a fair representation of his views – then indeed it is concerning; but I am left with the suspicion that he may have been quoted selectively and out of context in order to stimulate the disturbance that this somewhat sensationalist show is obviously trying to create.

    I’m not convinced either by Warren here – or by his protagonists, and their view of how Christians should publically disagree with one another.

  8. It is a disturbing video, and the commentator often has good material to critique, but because of his tone many do not take what he says seriously enough (as I have heard him in other contexts). I hope that he realizes this and changes his tone.

  9. @Nicholas I’m not sure I see your point regarding his tone. What specifically needs to be changed? Admittedly, I tend to enjoy it. It doesn’t cause me to miss the fact that his commentary is intelligent and well-thought-out.

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