May 21, 2008

Post content will continue to be miscellaneous for the rest of this week. Next week Unashamed Workman will go back to its normal format.

To remind you of the template:

Mondays: “Beyond the Workshop” – Since Monday is my day off with family, it seems an apt time to reflect on all matters relating to life outside the pulpit and study. Often we touch on issues relating to one’s personal relationships with God, wife and children.

Tuesdays: “Classic Materials” – On this day we’ll enjoy an extended quote from any one of the ancient (mostly) or modern lights in preaching. Expect plenty of Jones, Spurgeon, Whitefield, and Edwards here.

Wednesdays: “Under Construction” – Since like many of you I’m involved in preparing and preaching regular sermons, I’ll be reflecting on things I’m working through with regards my methods and manner of preparation and delivery. Expect here the odd interview, and sermon review too.

Thursdays: “Building Maintenance” – Preaching is not all that we do. If we pastor only in the pulpit, as significant as that is, we truly are ‘part time’ pastors. Thus, on Thursday we will think about pastoral ministry in its wider setting.

Fridays: “Workman’s Toolbox” – On Friday, I link to one particular item I’ve uncovered that week that might be of interest, and recap on the rest of the links for the week.


One comment

  1. Your blog is great and useful to me, just don’t be a slave to your schedule if other things crop up.

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