Gold Dust for Free

May 20, 2008

The following should suffice to fill my i-pod for this week…

Martyn Lloyd Jones’ latest sermon recording is now free to download at Oneplace.

Derek Prime speaks to preachers on “handling the text.” (HT: Encouraging Expository Excellence).

Mark Dever talks to experienced expositor Philip Jensen here.

James Montgomery Boice addresses “Preaching Today – the Almost Forgotten Task” (part one; part two; part three).



  1. With Lloyd-Jones lined up in your ipod, his sermon alone will keep you for awhile! Free to download? I’m on my way to the site right now…Thanks Colin.

  2. SO relieved, Colin. Had a moment’s concern when I read the heading “Gold dust for free”. Wondered if we were only one step away from miraculous gold fillings!

  3. Kenneth, I generally try to steer clear of heresy on this blog! But I value the readership to keep me in good check 🙂

  4. What do you mean ‘his latest sermon’?

    Is he still churning them out?

    Hey, do you think he might finish Ephesians by 2020?

  5. The Doctor is like Elvis…

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