I’ve Started…So I’ll Finish

May 2, 2008

On Thursday night we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening listening to lectures by Peter Grainger (introductions) and John Brand (conclusions). Though my audio still isn’t up and running, I hope to share a little of what they covered in the next week or so.

(John Brand, Vice Principal, Faith Mission Edinburgh)

On the subject of introductions, though, there is good audio online from Dr Bryan Chapell on one and the same subject. He has also given a lecture on conclusions. Find them here.

In addition, I enjoyed an article recently by Carl Habig called Sixteen things Paul Did Right in His Sermon Intro On Mars Hill. He begins:

1. While the first sentence begins with the pronoun “I” the intro is really focused on “you” (the hearers)
2. It is not (at least in the introduction) an accusatory “you”
3. He showed a familiar with their customs, with their city, with their faith.
4. He began with their “unknown god” and declared to them his own well known god.
5. He did not begin with flattery
6. He does not begin with an apology about bothering to address them at all

Read the remaining 10 reasons here.


One comment

  1. How ironic. I read Dr. Chappell’s lecture on introductions today. (I usually try to listen and read at the same time but didn’t have that opportunity this afternoon.)

    These lectures have been terrific. I posted on them a couple of days ago.

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