Acts – The Spreading Flame

April 14, 2008

The Spreading Flame, our new series in the book of Acts, took light a week past on Sunday. In the next few days I am due to prepare my first sermon for it. In preparation, I have been tracking down resources to aid my trek through this rich but sometimes difficult book.

(Photo by ChromaticOrb, Creative Commons License)

Here’s what I have come up with so far. If you know of other online commentaries, articles, or helpful sermon series, do let me know and I’ll update the below list.

Online Commentaries
Commenting on the Commentaries of Acts – Gerald Cowen
John Calvin (vol 1)
John Calvin (vol 2)
John Gill
David Guzik
Matthew Henry – Exhaustive Commentary
IVP Commentary – Acts
Bob Utley

Commentaries to Purchase
Bruce, FF, Acts, NICNT, 1990
Bock, Darrell L, Acts , BECNT, 2007
Boyce, James M, Acts, Baker, 2006 (expositional)
Hughes, R Kent, Acts: The Church Afire, PTW, 1996 (expositional)
Longenecker, Richard N, Acts, EBC, 1981
MacArthur, J, MacArthur NT Commentary: Acts (volumes one & two), Moody, 1904 (expositional)
Marshall, H, The Acts of the Apostles, TNTC, 1980
Stott, J, Acts, BST, 1994
Wiersbe, W, Acts: Be Dynamic (1-12) & Acts: Be Daring (13-28), BE Books (expositional)

Sermon Manuscripts
Steve Cole
Bob Deffinbaugh
Dan Doriani
John MacArthur
PG Mathew
Phil Newton
John Piper
Robert Rayburn
Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards & JC Ryle
Dr. Derek Thomas

Sermon Audio
Mark Dever – “The Message of Acts”
Dan Doriani
Steve Lawson (miscellaneous)
Phil Newton
John Piper
Dr Derek Thomas

William Barclay – A Comparison Between Paul’s Missionary Preaching and his Preaching In the Church
FF Bruce – Luke’s Presentation of the Spirit in Acts
FF Bruce – The Speeches in the Acts of the Apostles
The Purpose of Acts – D.A Carson and Douglas J Moo
David S Dochery – The Theology of Acts
Donald Guthrie – Recent Literature on Acts of the Apostles
Howard Marshall – The Resurrection In Acts of the Apostles
HN Ridderbos – The Speeches of Peter in Acts
Jerry Vines – Evangelistic Preaching in Acts


Some more excellent online articles
R Kent Hughes, College Church (sermon audio)
Mike Campbell – Redeemer Church, Jackson, Mississipi (sermon audio)
S Lewis Johnson; Believer’s Chapel, Dallas (sermon audio)
Dan Duncan; Believer’s Chapel, Dallas (sermon audio)
Mark Dever, Capitol Hill: Acts 1-2, Acts 3-5, Acts 6-9, Acts 9-12, Acts 13-15, Acts 16-20, Acts 21-28.
Commentary of Paton James Gloag; volume one, volume two
(HT: David Reimer)



  1. Two other commentaries that you might find helpful are John Polhill’s in the NAC series and Luke Timothy Johnson’s in the Sacra Pagina series.

  2. I have found the following helpful, the 3 Bs:
    Bock, Darrell
    Boice, James Montgomery
    Bruce, F.F.

    In addition, Johnny Mac is always worthwhile.

  3. Not a commentary, but I found Roger Stronstad’s The Charismatic Theology of St. Luke very helpful in examining the central role of the Holy Spirit in Luke-Acts.

  4. Thanks for these additional thoughts…

  5. Chris Green’s The Word of his Grace (IVP) I found helpful.

  6. I’ve been preaching through Acts for 18 months now… and I have found the following commentaries particularly helpful:
    F.F. Bruce (NICNT)
    R. Longenecker (Expositors) – exceptional!
    B. Witherington III (“Socio-Rhetorical Commentary…”) – this one is a little bit different, but very helpful.
    J.A. Alexander – this is probably a lesser known older commentary, but I have found it very thorough…
    Darrell Bock (Baker) – always worth reading.
    J.M. Boice, G. Campbell Morgan, M. Henry and J. MacArthur are all good homiletical commentaries.
    D. Martyn Lloyd Jones’ work on the early parts of Acts is also helpful.
    I have also benefited from listening to Dr. Derek Thomas’ sermons on Acts.
    God bless…

  7. G. Campbell Morgan’s, The Acts of the Apostles is very good and Lenksi is always very helpful

  8. This is very helpful. Thanks much, brother.

  9. Mr. Stedman was pastor of Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto, California for 40 years until his retirement in 1990. He had preached more than 800 sermons at PBC and authored 28 books. Pastor Stedman went home to the Lord in 1992.


  10. Sorry! this is the audio series of audio files from Blue letter Bible by Ray Stedman, please delete the previous post. It’s been a long day…


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