And Our Wives Struggle Too…

April 8, 2008

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post about the pastor’s peculiar holiday struggles, my wife Nicki has weighed in with some additional battles that she (like other wives) wages during the holiday season. Notwithstanding these posts, I do hasten to add that we actually DID have a good holiday!!

1. The pre-holiday washing, ironing and packing of clothes as well as organinsing the other 101 things you need to take with you can not only be very draining but stresses me out no end and makes me horribly irritable.

2. On the way there is a sense of relief and anticipation, though regret at the state in which you left the house and the things that you forgot to bring.

3. The need to bring structure (because that’s how it is) to what should be an easy-going unstructured time away.

4. Continuing with the mundane tasks of feeding, bathing, cleaning up after the children and generally feeling that you aren’t really getting a break at all.

5. Frustrated with knowing that your husband is also struggling to relax.

6. Frustrated that the kid’s behaviour is worse than usual.

7. Frustrated that someone, if not more than one, fall ill.

8. Wondering what’s happening back at home with church, family and friends.

9. Dreading the holiday ending, knowing that your husband will be going back to work.

10. Feeling the need to get back to normal and almost wishing you were back home.

11. Dreading going home to the pigsty that you left.

12. The prospect of a suitcase load of washing and ironing.

13. Coming home just as tired as you left.



  1. How could there be no comments to this?? As soon as I read it I showed it to my wife. She agrees. Except for the issue of dealing with children, which we no longer must, this was a perfect exposition that could have come from our home too. Take some satisfaction that you encouraged at least one couple if in nothing else, then in knowing that we are not the only ones who wrestle with such things. Misery loves company and we are glad for yours. We leave in 94 days. Ah, sweet misery.

  2. Oh I loved that post. I feel your wife has been inside my head reading my thoughts! I do love being on holiday (we caravan with four kids) but I do NOT love the before and after.

    Incidentally a minister and his wife I know have a fine system when on holiday. If one of them mentions their church he/she has to pay the other a fine – in jelly beans!

    May God bless your Sunday. I’m off to indulge in the pre-church stress which is along the same lines, but not so bad, as the pre-holiday stress! Families, eh?

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