The Ascension!

March 31, 2008

Never heard a sermon on the ascension? I had the joy of preaching on Luke 24:50-53 last night, closing out the gospel on this glorious topic. My outline was:

1. Witness the ascending Jesus! (50-51)
* witness Jesus leading
* witness Jesus blessing
* witness Jesus rising

2. Worship the ascended Jesus! (52-53)
*the earthly location of their worship
*the expectant posture of their worship
*the exhuberant core of their worship

You can listen here.



  1. I could not remember hearing a sermon on the ascension. But I will be able to listen to this again, which would be a profitable exercise.

  2. Thanks so much. I recently posted an article on my blog about how I had never heard a sermon on the Ascension. Great job!


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