Young Lloyd Jones’s Sermon Feedback

March 27, 2008

‘The great defect of that sermon this afternoon was this…that you were overtaxing your people, you were giving them too much…you are only stunning them and not helping them.’

(Comments from a mature Welsh preacher to the sixty years younger Lloyd Jones, upon hearing the Dr preach for the first time)



  1. And how did the Dr. respond/adjust?

  2. I think he developed into a preacher who would preach dogmatically on one theme – expositionally of course. I wonder if this was part of the reason he preached on such small sections. Perhaps he didn’t want to fall into the trap of lecturing on numerous ideas, rather than one overarching application.

    Apparently his mentor then added something along the lines of: “Now watch what I will be doing tonight. I will really be saying one thing, but in three different ways.”

  3. I love Lloyd-Jones. He was the first author I read as a brand new Christian. At 55 minutes on average, it’s hard for me to imagine either what his first sermon was like given this counsel, or that he changed that much except perhaps for clarity. You always get a lot with a Lloyd-Jones sermon–even on just one verse.

  4. Colin,

    I am grateful to God for you. The stuff you find and post here so often finds me moaning and turning it into prayer. In fact this morning I was praying that I would be a faithful pastor. Things I’ve read on this site were coming to mind as examples of what I’m asking the Lord to work more deeply in me. I conclude that prayer time, then read the Lloyd Jones quote and am stirred again. I just wanted to communicate that this is not an uncommon feeling when reading your posts and in fact among the handful of blogs that I benefit from, I think this one most often creates that deep longing and is best suited to turn back into prayer for myself and others. Many thanks.

  5. I wish…

    …that an older brother would have had the guts, the love, to share this advice with me when I first started preaching and teaching.

    Instead of a legitimate, benefitting critique, I heard:

    “It was too preachy” – from ones who don’t like to learn

    “It was good” – from older Christians afraid to be honest.

    If you are an older preacher, be honest, not destructive, but encouraging to young preachers.

  6. Colin,

    I wish this comment by Lloyd-Jones about “overtaxing your people and giving them too much” could be suggested to those “power point preachers” who think that the more slides you put on the big screen the more people get out of the ‘sermon’. 🙂

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