Washington Wisdom #3

March 17, 2008

Mark Dever, from Saturday night’s lecture on preaching:

“An expositional sermon is a sermon on a portion of Scripture in which the point of the passage is the point of the message.”

“Our main gathering is our main meal.”

“Biblical preaching will be shown by the lives of the people to be relevant”

“If you are a church’s main preacher you must be doggedly committed to preaching the gospel.”

“If you are in some valley from which you can’t see the cross, you need to work a little bit more [on sermon preparation]; because from every text you should be able to see the cross.”


  1. That last quote is great!

  2. Shouldn’t the fourth quote be … ‘preaching the gospel” ?

    P.E. Dant

    (BTW If you see Mike Gibart-Smith then tomorrow’s his birthday!?)

  3. Some would disagree with the last quote. I affirm it wholeheartedly. I was talking about this recently with some other teachers. One of the things that excited us most about teaching and preaching that there is always a venue for proclaiming the work of Christ on the cross. Thanks for the quote.

  4. I am also a fan of the last quote. We can indeed see the cross from/in every passage, but we need to keep the principle in mind if we are going to point that out. Quality stuff.

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