Looking For Something To Listen To?

March 3, 2008

Ready to load up your listening devices with sermons to feed your soul? Here’s a quick note about what some of the workmen are doing. Believe me, you are spoiled for choice!

Tim Keller recently preached seven sermons which are the distilled-form of his recent book release, The Reason for God.

Alistair Begg is about to conclude the book of James. Incidentally, you can watch the last six weeks of Parkside services online.

Conrad Mbewe’s
latest online sermons have been in Ecclesiastes and Romans.

Dale Ralph Davis
has just started a series in 2 Thessalonians.

At All Souls, London, listen into Hugh Palmer on Ecclesiastes, or Rico Tice on Matthew’s gospel.

Don Carson’s recent trio of talks on Fatherhood in the context of pastoral ministry are well worth a listen.

John MacArthur
has been working through Luke’s gospel and 2nd Timothy.

William Taylor (St Helen’s, London) is also working toward the end of Luke’s gospel.

Dominic Smart, a new addition to the ‘Workmen’ list, is a faithful expositor in Aberdeen, Scotland. Dominic is doing a short series through the parables.

Josh Harris is wading through Jeremiah. A great book!

John Piper is making his final approach to land his series on ‘The New Birth’ with a series of studies in the book of 1st John.

Liam Goligher is still preaching ‘the Gospel according to Isaiah’, as well as 2nd Timothy.

Mark Dever continues with his series “Pierced for our Transgressions.”

Mike Bullmore
continues with 1st Corinthians.

Philip Ryken is still managing to dig nuggets out of 1st Kings.

Richard Phillips is going through John’s gospel.

Steve Lawson ploughs further into Mark’s gospel.

Vaughan Roberts
is preaching on the Ten Commandments and Romans.

Steve Cole works through Ephesians.

Sinclair Ferguson
is expounding James.

Charles Holt shows us how we might preach through Proverbs.

Thabiti Anyabwile is expounding Matthew.

One comment

  1. Colin,

    Thanks for adding Pastor Holt to your “listenership.” He had a great sermon on Proverbs 16:1 yesterday.


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