Not Every Verse Is About Jesus

February 26, 2008

A question we covered in our last session was “how does the text point to Christ?” While I argued that all preaching should be “Christ Centered”, I perhaps didn’t stress enough that there can be dangers in how people may take this. The following quote from Chris Wright adds a helpful warning:

“I believe that the Old Testament as a whole leads us to Christ. However, it is one thing to explain, as Jesus did on the road to Emmaus, ‘what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself’, and quite another to say that ‘Every verse in the Old Testament is about Jesus. Not every verse is about Jesus. Sometimes people can make Jesus appear out of very unexpected corners of Old Testament stories, like a magician bringing a rabbit out of a hat. Sometimes trying to find Jesus in a story can become a distraction from what the original author was trying to help us to understand or do, and we can end up missing the real point he was trying to make.”

(Taken from Preach the Word, Editor – Greg Haslam)

One comment

  1. The scriptures talk about Jesus and His teachings and it is our spiritual guide as we try live His teachings in our lives. I enjoyed reading blogs which post this kind of topic. Congratulations to your amazing blog.


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