Q & A – Favourite Genres

February 25, 2008

The audio quality isn’t good enough to post but I’m going to transcribe some answers to the Q & A session which concluded last Thursday night. The first question put to Peter Grainger and I was….

Tim: Is there one particular genre of Scripture that you find easiest to prepare?

Colin: I could probably tell you more readily what the difficult one’s are. That might help me by elimination! I find poetry very tough. Like doing a Psalm – which you might think is easy – but I find that difficult because of what Peter said: there’s not always an obvious structure. Prophecy’s pretty challenging as well. I think probably I find narrative easier, although narrative isn’t straightforward either because its not usually spelled out to you exactly what the purpose of each narrative is….so that takes time. I suppose maybe the easiest is the letters, you know, probably I find that easiest: just because its didactic argument, its clearly laid out what the point is, so ….. Then apocalyptic is just mega-hard!!

Peter: I actually enjoy preaching Old Testament narrative. I like re-telling the stories and drawing out some of the principles behind that…. One of the interesting things to do – I do hard copies of all my sermons – and its interesting to look at the hard copies and see where you’ve preached from and where you’ve not preached from, and where you’ve most preached from. For example, something you need to be wary of is preaching most of the time from Paul’s letters! For this reason, I try to focus on a gospel at least every three or four years.


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