Multiplying Your Reading

February 18, 2008

I mentioned to our guys the idea of multiplying our bible reading, suggesting including additional readings of the sermon passage in our daily devotions and, if appropriate, when commuting (I often read future preaching passages on the bus). However the guy in this picture takes things to a new level: reading the bible whilst walking.

(Photo by Ali K, Creative Commons License)

Any more out of the box ideas??



  1. You forgot to mention your tendency to carry a book in your back pocket when shopping with your wife. Colin’s most opportune time for a good sneaky read!

  2. Max McLean. 🙂

  3. I read in the line at Tesco. I’m just sayin’.


  4. audio bible on an mp3 player. it’s the way to go.

  5. I knew a pastor who photocopied out of his commentaries the sections that were only relevant to the text he was preaching. He then took that folder around with him everywhere. He could read 10 commentaries on the run without carting 10 books around. I’ve used the method on some occasions to great success when time in slim for preparation.

    Amen to mp3’s on the ipod. Reading while driving is bad for your health.

  6. Actually, that guy is not walking, he is on a moving walkway travelator thingy, so technically he is standing still!

  7. Oh, and to Joe:

    I do that, I print out sections of commentaries from e-sword etc which I can carry around.

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